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Sunday 24, September 2006

Perfect Weather?

Filed under: Reflections — mytigodess @ 23:11

I really love fall weather in the South.  It is the escape from the scorching temperature highs which feel quite uncomfortable.  You can only take off so many clothes and when you are down to your birthday suit and are still sweating, there’s not much left to do but feel the heat.

The fall has the beauty of the changing of the leaves which will happen soon.  There is a nice gentle breeze rolling along about 2-5 miles per hour with a temperature range of 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit.  The skies are clear with the exception of a few clouds to take away from the monotony of all blue.  Rain from the night before evaporates leaving a fresh scent in the air.

It makes for a night when you can leave the windows open, as long as the screens are up to keep the creatures and insects of the night outside.  It makes me want to take a walk to the park and picnic with the family or curl up with a good book on a lawn chair getting in some sun rays.

Why can’t the rest of the year be like this?


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