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Friday 6, October 2006

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

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The Law of Attraction has been thrown around a lot in movies such as “The Secret” and “What The Bleep Do We Know”, as well as books, programs, and other products for sale designed to get the person to sign on with the belief that whatever you think about comes to pass. Whatever you experience in your life is a sole result of your thoughts.

While the idea of thinking positive in any given situation opens your mind to the opportunity around you which negative thinking would close more doors for you can be accepted by most people, the idea that those going through a bad time brought it on themselves does not fly.

What of the people living in a war zone? The ones who live in an area hit by drought going through starvation? The children whose parents have died from AIDS? The victims of rape, robbery, kidnapping or murder? Surely none of these people wished for these things to happen.

Of course not. That would be silly. No person in their sane mind would want to go through such hardships.

There comes a point where you have to concede that the universe is one of chaos. Sometimes your free will comes in direct path of someone else’s free will meaning to do you harm. People are often finding themselves in situations that were not of their own making.

What of all those people on the airplanes on 9/11? Is it really possible that all of them thought they would be hijacked and killed by terrorists on that particular day? Or is this an example of the world of chaos?

Chaos exists. Life is a series of challenges. Sooner or later you will die.

Does this sound depressing? It shouldn’t. It should be the most freeing and liberating thing a person can tell you. Once you accept that this is life, you know to just ride along with it. The ride may be bumpy from time to time. You will be subjected to things that are unpleasant. You will run across people with issues that will take it out on you. If you know this in advance, you will not be too disappointed when it happens.

Does that mean one should ignore the Law of Attraction? No, just don’t count on it as the only law running the universe. An example I gave before, the law of gravity is a good thing which makes life on earth possible, but no matter how good you are or how positive you think, if you jump off a cliff you will suffer.

The LOA will attract to you the experiences you think about most. LOA also attracts what people think about on auto pilot. However, LOA can be in the hands of others who wish to attract negativity that can create a bad situation to those who do not wish it. People on auto pilot tend to get caught up in the stronger will of others wanting to attract a certain outcome.

Let’s say there was a crowded bank with 50 people inside going about a regular day and not thinking of anything in particular. Perhaps someone in the crowd is daydreaming about an upcoming wedding. Maybe someone else is dreading going back to work. The banker is thinking about taking a coffee break. And others are just going through the motions of routine.

All of a sudden, 2 masked gun men come into the bank. They have been planning this for months. They have cased the place, got a layout of the building, ran rehersals in their mind every day to make sure they got everything right.

The robbers obviously had a stronger LOA in creating this experience and caused it to pass than did the people inside the bank who did not see this coming.

On the outside, the police surround the building. They have trained mentally everyday for just such a situation. LOA created a matching scenario for them to act and they are now ready. They storm the building with the intention of capturing the criminals while saving as many lives as possible.

The police have a stronger hold on LOA than the robbers.

Then in the bank, the robbers get desperate and hold a man hostage who is getting married the next day. He has a lot to live for and has no intention of dying. The robber planned on taking a hostage all along if surrounded by police. The bad guy panics and shoots the man then the cops shoot the robber. Two people are on the floor in a pool of blood.

The man planning to get married fights for his life and survives to see another day. The robber only planned on a successful robbery and had no desire to spend the rest of his life in prison died.

This is an example of how LOA collides with the laws of chaos.  Those without much thought of anything other than the flow of life unintentionally get caught up in the wave of someone else’s drama.  Others have a game plan and have rehearsed their roles time and time again were ready to go to play out this drama.

All you really need to know is the only thing that matters is the here and now.  If you can accept the reality of life, you can ride through life easier and have a better time in controlling your own life through LOA.

If you go through life on auto-pilot or harbour a negative attitude towards life, you will always be in the way of chaos and draw it to you more so than the one in control.  However, even if you do have control, sometime choas will cross you.



  1. Bad things happen to good people because there is evil in the world. You may call it chaos or blame it on LOA, but it is all random and is the result of choices we make. At least that is what I believe.

    Comment by CyberCelt — Saturday 7, October 2006 @ 12:20 | Reply

  2. The lore of attraction is a partial explanation – if one believes that any one being or party has ‘more attraction’ to the nature of events and nature itself than anyone else. In ‘reality’ we all create our own events from – and for – our unique perspective.
    It’s our partial perception of the nature of time and the retardation of our awareness of it due to the interference caused by language filtering out the actual present.
    We live in a holographic fractal environment that is also a co-creation.
    Thou art god.
    See http://gonow.to/timespace

    Comment by new illuminati — Sunday 8, October 2006 @ 7:41 | Reply

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