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Monday 25, September 2006

You Have More Control Than You Think

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“Every action has an equal reaction” is a very well known saying.  Whatever action you put forth results in another action taking place.

We are all on one sea of motion.  What takes place in one part of the world will eventually drift our way in ways we cannot even imagine.

We also live in a world of free will.  Everyone is moving about following their own agendas which may conflict with your own from time to time.   The world is filled with dangerous people out to do harm to some innocent victim and perhaps you are in the same space with that person and he chooses you.

We cannot always control our circumstances.  We work from a very emotional level when we should be thinking with our heads instead of our hearts and sometimes we need to depend on our hearts when our heads are saying something different.

How can one deal with the chaos that is life?  By melding in with it instead of trying to fight it.

Once you realise life has problems, challenges, and things to overcome and that your life will meet with disappointment, heartache, sadness and anger, then you have the key to make life a breeze.  You can finally become the master of your own ship.

When you know that these things are part of life, you don’t spend your waking hours trying to avoid the inevitable, but bracing yourself as you ride the bumpy waters keeping a calm head so you can find the way out.

If you avoid it, it will overcome you and suck you down and you will feel like you are drowning in your problem.

By taking control of your life and expecting the bumps in the road, you no longer fear it, but embrace it.   You can make the rational choices and enjoy the good times better knowing that it is only one of many fleeting moments that will come and go.

Riding into chaos is like being on a surf board.  Catching the waves can be tough.  When the waves come crashing down around you, it might knock you off if you are not careful.  If you brace yourself for impact, you are in for the ride of your life.

Don’t fear the unpleasant parts of life.  Don’t try to avoid it when you see it coming.  Remember it is only a fleeting moment and keeping a calm head will get you out of the mess sooner.



  1. Emotions usually ARE the bumps in a road that is smoother than it appears!

    Please note that the Prince of Centraxis site (linked on your page – thanks so much) has moved to

    and keep up the Great Work!

    Comment by prince of centraxis — Monday 17, March 2008 @ 19:53 | Reply

  2. Hi – keep up the Great Work – just a message to say it’s time to update your Blogroll – The Prince of Centraxis is now at http://centraxis.blogspot.com
    R. Ayana

    Comment by prince of centraxis — Thursday 3, April 2008 @ 21:58 | Reply

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