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Sunday 24, September 2006

Why Giving Gives Back To You

Filed under: Wealth And Abundance — mytigodess @ 23:19

When you are feeling gracious, helpful, and can’t seem to do enough for people, what happens?

To the receiver of your blessings, they appreciate it on some level. It helps them get a boost in their day. When they get even a little boost, it moves them up the ladder of happiness at least one point. Even if they had a rotten day, your one kind act has cancelled out a bad one. Their good point will cause them to either do good to someone else, or cancel out something they were planning to do bad. Either way, that ripple effect of what good you have done will spread and effect many others.

To you, it will give you the inner peace and confidence that you are worthy of something better. When you give freely from your heart, it turns you into a better person and opens you up to new avenues of goodness and opportunities.

Face it, when someone comes up with a chance in a lifetime opportunity, are they likely to share it with the kind hearted person or the stingy grouch?

Build up your karma and do good unto others, not with the idea that you are only doing it for good to come to you, but because it makes you a better person worthy of good to come to you. There is a difference.


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