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Sunday 24, September 2006

Thomas Edison’s Words

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

There are many great people out there whom have tried countless times and not acheived exactly what they set out to do.  The difference between the great ones and the average person is they don’t let the so-called failures stop them from getting to the end result, but they learn from their mistakes and try, try again.

Suppose you are just having a terrible piece of luck making your business work.  You have approached it from many different angles or hopped from one business venture to another.  After awhile you may begin to doubt yourself and your ability to ever be in business for yourself.

The smart ones will step back and really look at what went wrong.  Not at a superficial level, but deep down even to the point where they have to dig to where it feels uncomfortable.  They will consult professionals, read books, and do as much educational outreach as possible to see why they failed and come up with a new plan or strategy to approach it in a different way and proceed with a new plan.

Sometimes one will realize they are only on that path because of the promise of money if they are successful, but the plan is not something they really want to do because it conflicts with their own nature.  For instance, many have been lured by the wealth promises of MLM plans and are fired up in the beginning, but in 3 months or less drop out because they never felt right about the work needed to be done to succeed in that business.

This is because in order to succeed in business, it must be close to your heart.  If you love what you do, when you reach a block or miss your mark, you do not become discouraged and will press forth to make it work.  It doesn’t matter if you have found the 10,000 ways which did not work, but that eventually you came to the 10,001 way which did.



  1. i really say thanks for you .i am studing college now .
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    after reading this article .
    ” Now i teavelling in new world of positivethoughts”

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