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Monday 25, September 2006

You Have More Control Than You Think

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“Every action has an equal reaction” is a very well known saying.  Whatever action you put forth results in another action taking place.

We are all on one sea of motion.  What takes place in one part of the world will eventually drift our way in ways we cannot even imagine.

We also live in a world of free will.  Everyone is moving about following their own agendas which may conflict with your own from time to time.   The world is filled with dangerous people out to do harm to some innocent victim and perhaps you are in the same space with that person and he chooses you.

We cannot always control our circumstances.  We work from a very emotional level when we should be thinking with our heads instead of our hearts and sometimes we need to depend on our hearts when our heads are saying something different.

How can one deal with the chaos that is life?  By melding in with it instead of trying to fight it.

Once you realise life has problems, challenges, and things to overcome and that your life will meet with disappointment, heartache, sadness and anger, then you have the key to make life a breeze.  You can finally become the master of your own ship.

When you know that these things are part of life, you don’t spend your waking hours trying to avoid the inevitable, but bracing yourself as you ride the bumpy waters keeping a calm head so you can find the way out.

If you avoid it, it will overcome you and suck you down and you will feel like you are drowning in your problem.

By taking control of your life and expecting the bumps in the road, you no longer fear it, but embrace it.   You can make the rational choices and enjoy the good times better knowing that it is only one of many fleeting moments that will come and go.

Riding into chaos is like being on a surf board.  Catching the waves can be tough.  When the waves come crashing down around you, it might knock you off if you are not careful.  If you brace yourself for impact, you are in for the ride of your life.

Don’t fear the unpleasant parts of life.  Don’t try to avoid it when you see it coming.  Remember it is only a fleeting moment and keeping a calm head will get you out of the mess sooner.


Sunday 24, September 2006

Newborn Reaction

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I woke up to the cold and the light,

Surrounded by strangers left and right.

Shivering and confused all lonely inside

Wondering what now, I take it in stride.

I am snatched away from my safety place,

For the fate in store I would have to embrace

No guarantees were in store, you see,

My life would sooner or later be up to me.

Handed into her gentle arms

She would keep me safe from harms

She has been right here before

And vowed to keep me from rocky shores.

A rite of passage we all call life

From birth to death it’s filled with strife

And in between we leave behind

Memories that life can be kind.

Why Giving Gives Back To You

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When you are feeling gracious, helpful, and can’t seem to do enough for people, what happens?

To the receiver of your blessings, they appreciate it on some level. It helps them get a boost in their day. When they get even a little boost, it moves them up the ladder of happiness at least one point. Even if they had a rotten day, your one kind act has cancelled out a bad one. Their good point will cause them to either do good to someone else, or cancel out something they were planning to do bad. Either way, that ripple effect of what good you have done will spread and effect many others.

To you, it will give you the inner peace and confidence that you are worthy of something better. When you give freely from your heart, it turns you into a better person and opens you up to new avenues of goodness and opportunities.

Face it, when someone comes up with a chance in a lifetime opportunity, are they likely to share it with the kind hearted person or the stingy grouch?

Build up your karma and do good unto others, not with the idea that you are only doing it for good to come to you, but because it makes you a better person worthy of good to come to you. There is a difference.

Perfect Weather?

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I really love fall weather in the South.  It is the escape from the scorching temperature highs which feel quite uncomfortable.  You can only take off so many clothes and when you are down to your birthday suit and are still sweating, there’s not much left to do but feel the heat.

The fall has the beauty of the changing of the leaves which will happen soon.  There is a nice gentle breeze rolling along about 2-5 miles per hour with a temperature range of 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit.  The skies are clear with the exception of a few clouds to take away from the monotony of all blue.  Rain from the night before evaporates leaving a fresh scent in the air.

It makes for a night when you can leave the windows open, as long as the screens are up to keep the creatures and insects of the night outside.  It makes me want to take a walk to the park and picnic with the family or curl up with a good book on a lawn chair getting in some sun rays.

Why can’t the rest of the year be like this?

Thomas Edison’s Words

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

There are many great people out there whom have tried countless times and not acheived exactly what they set out to do.  The difference between the great ones and the average person is they don’t let the so-called failures stop them from getting to the end result, but they learn from their mistakes and try, try again.

Suppose you are just having a terrible piece of luck making your business work.  You have approached it from many different angles or hopped from one business venture to another.  After awhile you may begin to doubt yourself and your ability to ever be in business for yourself.

The smart ones will step back and really look at what went wrong.  Not at a superficial level, but deep down even to the point where they have to dig to where it feels uncomfortable.  They will consult professionals, read books, and do as much educational outreach as possible to see why they failed and come up with a new plan or strategy to approach it in a different way and proceed with a new plan.

Sometimes one will realize they are only on that path because of the promise of money if they are successful, but the plan is not something they really want to do because it conflicts with their own nature.  For instance, many have been lured by the wealth promises of MLM plans and are fired up in the beginning, but in 3 months or less drop out because they never felt right about the work needed to be done to succeed in that business.

This is because in order to succeed in business, it must be close to your heart.  If you love what you do, when you reach a block or miss your mark, you do not become discouraged and will press forth to make it work.  It doesn’t matter if you have found the 10,000 ways which did not work, but that eventually you came to the 10,001 way which did.

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